CollECTeR (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research) is a joint venture by 22 universities around the world which, through a federation of research centres — one located at each institution — can provide both depth and breadth of expertise in Electronic Commerce.

CollECTeR is able to assemble teams of experts able to undertake research and/or consultancy

    • for both the public and private sectors
    • within Australia, New Zealand, southern Africa, Europe and North America – with new universities joining the collective on a regular basis
    • across the whole area of:
      • electronic commerce
      • virtual organisations and communities
      • the Internet


Each of the individual CollECTeR centres has its own areas of particular expertise and details of many of our members are included below:

    • In NSW, Australia
      • CollECTeR (Wollongong University), directed by Professor Joan Cooper is part of a large Centre for Informatics Research and focuses on a wide range of EC topics including: intranets, health informatics, smart cards, on-line innovation, EDI in the supply chain, financial EDI and Internet marketing.
      • CollECTeR (University of Technology, Sydney), directed by Elaine Lawrence is concerned with the impact of Internet Commerce on government and business enterprises. Her area of research is on Tax and Internet Commerce and developing courseware on Internet Commerce. Elaine co-authored the text; Internet Commerce: Digital Models for Business, published by John Wiley. Details are at
    • In ACT, Australia
      • CollECTeR (University College, UNSW, ADFA), directed by Mariam Fergusson has broad interest in electronic commerce,particularly interest in electronic payment schemes, SMEs and the innovative use of electronic commerce in public service delivery.
      • In the ACT, CollECTeR  is represented at the Australian National University by the Electronic Commerce Research centre  in the School of Business and Information Management. This centre is  headed by Professor Shirley Gregor.  The centre has, as a primary aim, the conduct of research and consultancies relevant to industry and business in e-commerce and information systems.  The centre achieves this aim through close links with business organizations, industry associations, government bodies, and consulting groups.Key research areas of the centre include:
        • A doption and strategic use of e-commerce at organizational, industry and national levels.
        • The influence of government initiatives and policy on the uptake of e-commerce.
        • Virtual organizations and outsourcing.
        • Methods for evaluating risks, costs and benefits of e-commerce strategies.
        • Education and training in e-commerce.
    • In Western Australia.
      • Collecter Murdoch is directed by Dr. Simpson Poon (, who is the director of the Centre for Electronic Commerce and Internet Studies (submission to be approved). Expertises at Collecter Murdoch include Policy Studies of ECommerce, Marketing in the New Media, Small Business Internet Commerce, Government Online Studies, Telecommunication Management, Collaborative Work, Bioinformatics, AI in ECommerce, Digital Libraries, Electronic Journal and Media Studies of the Internet. Currently, members of staff in these research areas are also involved inconsulting and industry projects.
      • CollECTeR (Electronic Commerce Network, Curtin University), directed by Associate Professor Bernard Glasson, is focusing on three electronic commerce applications areas: On-line education On-line Education (roles and requirements of actors involved in on-line education, procedures and network infrastructure for the management of learning environments), electronic commerce for Western Australian Small- and Medium Enterprises (identify critical success factors for electronic commerce under a regional perspective), financial services delivery over the Internet (standardisation of distribution channels, modifications in the competitive environment of the banking industry, building customer relationships on-line). The ECN is a Curtin University teaching and research unit sponsored by BankWest.
      • Dr Peter Marshall Associate Professor, School of Management Information Systems Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia Australia. Completing a research project in WA, based on a series of interviews, on ecommerce and car retailing.
    • In Queensland, Australia
      • CollECTeR (University of Southern Queensland), directed by Associate Professor Andy Koronios part of a small IS group within the Department of Information Systems which is focused on evaluation of turnkey e-commerce solutions and applications of e-commerce in small business.
    • In South Australia, Australia
      • CollECTeR (University of South Australia), directed by Dr David Sutton has principal interests in the use of electronic commerce in small and medium sized enterprises and the impactof electronic commerce on global trading patterns.
    • In Tasmania, Australia
      • CollECTeR (University of Tasmania), directed by Dr Chris Keen is focused on the development of electronic commerce in small and medium sized enterprises and on industry sector restructuring to enable effective use of EC by that industry sector.
    • In Victoria, Australia
      • CollECTeR (RMIT),  directed by Dr Mohini Singh , specialises in e-business management and busines issues, e-commerce performance evaluation, e-business relationship management, e-procurement, e-markets and evolving e-business models.
      • CollECTeR (Florida Tech),  directed by Professor Shirley A. Becker, specialises in web usability and accessibility, internationalization, data quality, web testing, and the use of rapid application development (E-RAD) to develop e-commerce software applications.
      • Collecter Melbourne is directed by Dr Robert Johnston and Jennie Carroll. Current research topics include the theory of interorganisational systems adoption, industry level adoption of EC, B2B technologies and supply chain management, adoption of Efficient Consumer Response, distributed systems development, disintermediation strategies, the use of the notion of custom in EC law, and the appropriation of communication technologies by young people.
      • CollECTeR (Deakin University), directed by Professor Paul Swatman and Associate Professor Tanya Castleman is a part of the School of Management Information Systems. The group’s principal foci are: methodology for the specification, acquisition and implementation of EC capability; virtual communities – especially in the rural sector; EC risk analysis and control; EC and international trade; Electronic Data Interchange (EDI); demand chain/supply chain management; and electronic trading
      • CollECTeR (University of Ballarat), directed by Professor Gerrard Anderson is part of the Centre for Electronic Commerce and Communications (CECC).  This Centre has a particular focus on Electronic Commerce and regional development, including the role of SMEs, health informatics, supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry, and the role of EDI in government information services and purchasing systems.
    • In New Zealand
      • CollECTeR (Massey University), directed by Dr Dennis Viehland aims to establish a research focus on the development of international electronic commerce in the context of the New Zealand commercial environment. Current projects include a number of small and medium-size research projects by academic staff and students and Electronic Commerce in New Zealand.
    • In South Africa
      • CollECTeR (University of Cape Town), directed by Steve Erlank, focuses on the potential on Internet technology to support electronic commerce. The group undertakes applied research in collaboration with industry to define the architectures needed to deploy business applications successfully over the Internet and to explore the social, organisational and economic implications for businesses which undertake EC initiatives using the Internet.
    • In England
      • CollECTeR (Manchester Metropolitan University), directed by Jim Strom, is part of the Telematics Research and Applications Centre (TRAC) which specialises in  research and development in the application of information technologies and communications technologies, particularly the transfer of multimedia materials over cable networks and public switched networks for educational, commercial, research, social and cultural purposes.
    • In Slovenia
      • CollECTeR (University of Maribor), directed by Professor Joze Gricar, was one of the very first research groups created to investigate aspects of Electronic Commerce and both founded and runs the major International Conference on Electronic Commerce which is held in Bled, Slovenia, each June. The group is part of the Center for the Study of Electronic Commerce and specialises in the development of EDI prototypes for organisations taking part in Slovenia’s Electronic Commerce Project, testing and research opportunities for Electronic Commerce and Process Reenginering. Electronic Commerce simulation development for organisations, and the inter-university linkage of Electronic Commerce study groups.
    • In the United States of America
      • CollECTeR (University of Denver) , directed by Professor Don McCubbrey, is part of the Center for the Study of Electronic Commerce within the Daniels College of Business. The Center has both an educational mission and a research mission. Recent educational projects have involved writing EC-related cases, teaching an EC course, and developing an EC specialization for MBAs. Recent research projects have involved a field test of BSI, in cooperation with Swinburne and Monash universities and the development of a conceptual design for intelligent purchasing. These projects were underwritten by Corporate Express and JD Edwards. A current project in progress is looking at possible channel realignments in the US Air Travel Industry made possible by EC technologies.
      • CollECTeR (University of Minnesota), directed by Les Wanninger  is part of the Information Industry Initiative (III) within the Carlson School of Management.   Begun in 1995, III is a collaborative academic-industry program of education and research for and about the emerging information industry. Its goal is to blend the talents of people across industries, technologies, and disciplines to help industries capitalize on the new capabilities of the rapidly changing technology. Members of the III include senior managers and business professionals across industries, technologies, and functions; and faculty across disciplines and institutions.  Activities of the III in support of the objectives and domain of interest include:
        • III Seminar Series conducted about 4 times each quarter
        • III Workshop Series to define industry issues and develop solution options from a variety of perspectives
        • Annual U of M Conference on Electronic Commerce
        • Electronic Commerce research project to develop a framework and conceptual basis for an evolutionary approach to electronic commerce. The current focus is on understanding customers in electronic commerce.
    • In Canada
      • CollECTeR (University of New Brunswick, Saint John), directed by Charles Davis, is associated with the NSERC-SSHRC-NB Power-Xerox Research Chair in the Management of Technological Change in the Faculty of Business. E-commerce research at UNBSJ is focusing on SMEs, enterprise integration, front-office innovation, and regional innovation systems. UNBSJ offers an MBA program with a concentration in electronic commerce.

In the pages attached to this home page, you will find:

        • the CollECTeR Index Page, with links to all CollECTeR activities;
        • the proceedings of PAWEC’97 (the Pacific Asia Workshop on Electronic Commerce) held in association with PACIS’97 (the 3rd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems) in Brisbane in early April 1997;
        • the proceedings of CollECTeR’97, the 1st Annual CollECTeR Workshop on Electronic Commerce, which was held in association with ACIS’97 (the 7th Australasian Conference on Information Systems) in Adelaide on 3rd October 1997.

As CollECTeR grows and incorporates more university centres of research into Electronic Commerce, we will add more pages to those included today.

If you are interested in any of our activities, or in joining CollECTeR, please contact the CollECTeR secretariat. If you are interested in the work of one particular CollECTeR member, contact that group directly using the hot links from this page.

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