CollECTeR – Proceedings

CollECTeR Europe
Galway, Ireland
24 June, 2003

Keynote Presentations
Ken Power The Application Of Emerging Technologies In The Travel Industry: Perspectives On Web Services And Service Oriented Architecture
Desi Kenny Merging Clicks And Bricks: Kenny’s Bookshop & Art Galleries, Ireland
Technologies and Enablers
Michael Lang A Comparative Study Of Software Engineers And Graphic Designers In Web/Hypermedia Systems Development
Chris Barry Web-Based Information Systems – Time For The Revisionists
Pita Jarupunphol and Chris J. Mitchell Measuring 3-D Secure and 3D SET against e-commerce end-user requirements
Joan Cooper, Carole Alcock and Lois Burgess The Adoption Of PDAs Within The Health Care Sector: Improving Work Practices And Service Delivery In Ambulatory Care (Research In Progress)
Thomas Acton and William Golden Active Screen Space Maximization On Small Devices
David Whiteley e-Commerce Usage and Usability (Research In Progress)
Paul Swatman, Tanya Castleman and Danielle Fowler Issues In Developing E-Health Systems: An Australian Case Study
Privacy, Security, and Risk
Mustafa A. Ally The importance of risk reduction on merchant uptake of real-time credit card payment processing systems (Research In Progress)
Holly Tootell, Carole Alcock and Joan Cooper Consumer Concern And Privacy: A Transition From Pre-Web To Post-Web (Research In Progress)
Sharman Lichtenstein, Paula M C Swatman and Kanchan Babu Trends and Guidelines in Online Privacy Policy
Douglas S. Rebne, Grace Ng-Kruelle and Paul A. Swatman Conceptualizing ‘Community’ in Support of Institutional Debate on Privacy in Mobile Services
David Tucker, Laurie Jones and Henry Chan Consumer Barriers to E-Commerce in South China
Ab. Razak Che Hussin, Linda Macaulay and UMIST Personal Trust Agent For Ecommerce (Research In Progress)
Maged A. A. Ali and Sarmad Alshawi Investigating the Impact of Cross-Culture on CRM Implementation: A Comparative Study (Research In Progress)
Ioannis V. Koskosas and Ray J. Paul The Performance Of Risk Management In The Context Of Goal Setting: The Case Of Internet Banking (Research In Progress)
E-Business: Models, and Experiences
Markus Helfert, Clemens Herrmann and Gregor Zellner Customer Regain Management In E-Business -Processes And Measures
Philip O’Reilly and Conor Galvin Achieving Business Benefits Through DSDM In Electronic Commerce: A Case Study In Allied Irish Bank (Research In Progress)
Nicklas Salomonson The Process Of Translating An Idea Of E-Business To A Functioning System: the case of CEAB (Research In Progress)
Deemple Tailor, Lisa K. Brown and Dr. Phillip Seltsikas E-Business Integration and Transformation Strategies for SME’s
Jeremy Hayes and Pat Finnegan Electronic Business Models: A synthesis and field study
William Golden, Eoin Higgins, Martin Hughes and Susan Flynn The Internet, A Creator Of Electronic Markets For Airline Tickets?
Louise Langan A Critical Analysis Of The Irish Revenue’s Online Tax Administration Service
Philip Joyce An Australian exploratory investigation into Managerial Perceptions of Electronic Commerce in the Building Industry of Victoria