CollECTeR – Was a Joint Venture Now Being Revived



CollECTeR (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research) dates as far back as 1997… Wow!

Back then, there weren’t even websites like today… But yeah, we are reviving a similar initiative in 2014!

What was CollECteR about?

CollECTeR (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research) used to be a joint venture undertaken by universities around the world which, through a loose federation of research centers – one located at each institution – provides both depth and breadth of expertise in Electronic Commerce.

As early as 1997, CollECTeR  had its genesis in a workshop (PAWEC’97) held as part of the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS’97) held in Brisbane, Australia in 1997 and has grown significantly over time. CollECTeR members were running workshops around the world and have had three CollECTeR Europe, two CollECTeR Latin America and one CollECTeR USA Workshops. All this, in addition to the annual Australian conference. In addition, the workshops provide for small, focused workshops designed for E-Business and E-Commerce specialist researchers and research students, the various CollECTeR research centres, both individually and as a group, also engage in research projects and consultancy.

One of the most important benefits of the CollECTeR website was the access it provided to archived copies of the Workshop Proceedings. These, we tried to revive here again, despite the slight change in scope of this initiative.

Whatever we were able to salvage, is now freely available for researchers and students around the world who would like acceess to them. However, a full archive is still available at the Australian National Library as part of the PANDORA (Australia’s Web Archive) project – a major collection of Australian online publications.

The pages we restored provide information about CollECTeR past members and their centres, about CollECTeR workshops and direct access to the proceedings of the various CollECTeR workshops.

What is now?

collecter still stands for Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research. However, the context has changed and the focus now is on non-profit support for eCommerce and Technology start-ups.

To achieve our objectives, we are looking for institutions, charities, non-profit organization to become members of this initiative. We are also looking for Sponsors. Sponsors can be from both, non-profit, charitable organization and/or for profit corporation or institutions to keep this website and initiative alive.

If you institution, or university is interested in becoming a member of CollECTeR, please contact us. We hope you will find our initiative useful and appealing – and we are always interested in your feedback. Please do let us know if you have any suggestions relating to this site.

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